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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 14, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the stadium. kron-4's scott rates joins us live with more about traffic for and philippe djegal spoke with fans about their impressions of the new digs. we start first with scott rates.scott the game is about to let out.what's it like out there? >> we have about one more quarter left and then 70,000 panzer will be pouring out of the stadium behind me the the true test will be to see everyone getting out once. this video is of footage before the game. it didn't take this too long to of park. all the fan said that traffic was a nightmare. this was also a problem for fans who were walking.
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you concede officials directing the people. i talked to several fans as they were walking into the parking lot and i asked them how long they waited at. probably about an hour i waited. it took us about. our about they shut off certain streets and submitted very challenging. we follow the directions they said but i would have been better off. the 49ers have put out maps and maps on how to park at the new state. parking is still trying to be worked out. the best thing you
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can do is to take public transportation. the 49ers promised fans today was going to be a day to remember. and they did not disappoint. fans were really happy with the new 49ers home. kron-4's philippe djegal is live in santa clara with fans' first impressions of levi's stadium. well viki it's a party inside the stadium the niners also jumped on the chicago bears early. the fans are into this game.
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that's the reaction from the sellout crowd. fans were hoping to start this era of football at levi stadium with a bang and i got it. the views from every see our fantastic. first impressions of this place are very dead. and if there's any doubt push those aside. the kiev very loud. but at the big ego niners.
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it also got a chance to try out the new levi stadium at. some fans tried ordering food with sap by it took a long time. we also tried using that at to check the game out on why fight. overall there is a very positive side to the place. the first home opener with 49- ers wouldn't be complete without some people behaving badly. kron-4's stanley roberts found drugs, alcohol, and everything in between. you can see it all tomorrow on kron -4 news at 8 p-m.
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richmond police are releasing new details about a deadly officer-involved shooting from this morning. officials the officer was doing foot patrol at uncle sam's liquor store. located along cutting boulevard. shortlly after midnight. when the officer approached an intoxicated male. the man attacked the officer to the ground. as a result. the officer fired three shots into the suspect's chest. the man later died inside the police have not released the names of either the officer or c-h-p officials say an 11-year- old was killed in a crash on interstate highway 280 in burlingame this morning. it happened shortly before 1 a-m just south of trousdale drive. officials say the driver of a chevy s-u-v lost control of his car. and drove off the roadway and down an embankment. striking a tree. the driver and other passengers in the car were transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. however. the 11-year-old passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. in about a week, prunty's new beginnings will be evicted from its current home.
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and if the owner doesn't raise enough money by then, they won't be able to move into the new building they found, leaving its 18 residents.homeless. kron 4's alecia reid tells us how they're scrambling to find funds. there's food for the hungrya place to sleep for the homelessthe mentally ill, senior citizens and former drug and alcohol addicts like carrie jacklin all have someplace they call home. but this house has been foreclosed. they're being evicted, and come monday september 22nd, all of these people may be homeless. >> since they've had this house for a while what are we gonna do? we have ssi, but we don't have any other sources. prunty's new beginnings helps the needy, but now they need help. >> neighbors don't want people in this classification, mental illnessyou name it. i'm told it's very difficult to find a facility to house mentally ill individuals. but after months of searching, they found this location which is perfect for the residents, but they need to raise 5-thousand dollars. one of the kitchen's needs to be completely renovated and we also
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need to set up a wheelchair ramps. new beginnings set up a go- fund-me site, and as of sunday, raised nearly 21-hundred dollars. there's still another 29-hundred that's needed. time is running out for the independent living home. and for residents like 92 year old ellis that has no family in the state, having a safe, comfortable place to live is a must. reporting in san jose alecia reid kron 4 news. when court returned to the ninth
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united states earlier this month another court of duty was engaging.
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while service abroad is coming to an end service a home is starting. nearly half a century after vietnam veterans returned home there been celebrated for the first time. british prime minister david cameron says the u-k will support the "direct military action" of the u-s against isis.
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we cannot ignore this threat to our security. the video released saturday shows the beheading of british aid worker, david haines. haines is the third westerner known to have been executed by the extremists. the video warns the u-k against an alliance with the united states. the masked militant also threatens another hostage, alan hemming. u-s officials were quick to stress the obama administration's work to build an international coalition to defeat the terrorists. >> "we'll make sure that we build a coalition that is durable, that is sustainable, and that is focused on the fundamental goal of this effort, which is to degrade and ultimately destroy isil." but at least for the present, the plan won't include american ground troops. secretary of state john kerry told cbs's face the ntion:
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>> "we're not looking to put troops on the ground." that strategy has some saying the plan doesn't go far enough. republican senator lindsey graham told fox news: south carolina: "this is a turning point in the war on terror, our strategy will fail yet again." for britain's part, cameron says the nation must work with allies to defeat isis. >> "this is not something we can do on our own, we have to work with the rest of the world." i'm mary moloney reporting. coming up at eight. residents on edge in stockton. after six people are shot in the same neighborhood less than 24 hours apart. a bay area family says their two year old son was punched in the face! and the say it's not the first time they've been attacked. the action they're taking to stop it from happening again. california firefighters battling several wildfires. one has grown by hundreds of acres today alone.and is threatening 500 homes. we have the
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firefighters are battling a wildfire in el dorado county tonight. officials say the blaze broke out just east of pollock pines yesterday afternoon. so far. the fire has burned 2- thousand acres and is at zero containment. more than 100 residents have been evacuated from their homes. the shares were vacuuming people. our resources are still being employed. an evacuation center has been set up at sierra ridge middle school in pollock pines. several local fire agencies have sent teams to help fight the fire. authorities say a southern california wildfire is now 20 percent contained. however. more than 200 homes near the cleveland national officials say more than one- thousand firefighters and fire personnel are battling the blaze. it has burned about 16 hundred acres since the fire broke out friday in orange county's silverado canyon.
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so far. six firefighters have suffered minor injuries. firefighters are battling another california wildfire near grass valley. the blaze has burned at least 155 acres. and is 30 percent contained. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in nevada county. some homes were destroyed. and others were evacuated. however. officials say all evacuations have now been lifted. there has been another mountain lion sightings. beautiful sunset shine from the san mateo bridge with some time. lamp's time we're going to see more of the high clouds tomorrow.
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areas around the bay or in the '70s up to the mid-90s in some places. relatively mild bayside and at the coast and will see temperature's dropped more. skies are clear right now the fog is nonexistent but it will come back after. after. there'll be a mixture of sunshine and high clouds for the next afternoon . temperatures all around the bay area will be cooler. meanwhile to our south a hurricane is a protein. cobble
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san protein this is a devastating storm surge that will rise up going northward. this will not affect the bay area in any way. tomorrow there'll be sunshine mixed with high clouds and '70s around the bay. and mid to upper 80s inland. six people shot in the same neighborhood less than 24 hours apart.including several young children. stockton police say bullets struck two young girls and a 30-year-old woman while they were sitting in their car saturday night. they are all suffering from non- life threatening injuries. on friday night. three other people were shot on the same block. police say one of the victims was a gang member. now. some residents are nervous to spend time outside their homes.
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the >> makes you think should even be outside it all makes me feel like i'm in jail when they're six it's very alarming >> police are still trying to figure out whether the two shooting are related. for now. they say they are putting extra patrols in the neighborhood.
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alright ma'am here is the paperwork back ok this is a citation for running a flashing red light what i need you to do is sign on the red box it's not an admission of guilt it's just saying you will take care of the citation ok while tickets were being handed
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out for drivers ignoring the flashing red lights at arlington and highland in east richmond heights an unincorporated richmond i think its only fitting that we talk to the drivers to get their side of the story like the driver of this blue honda you didn see the flashing red light back there ma'am? i just brought my brother in law home from the hospital and i was and its been summer vacation and it's been yellow ? i got half way through it and and it hit the breaks i realize that. then there was the man in the mini van you didn't see the red light back there? no well i saw something blinking i thought it was yellow honestly do you know what happens when you see a flashing red light? yea your are supposed to stop. a lot of people were asking me about the driver with the strong odor of weed coming from the car did you not see the flashing red light back there? no i was on my way to work i was in a hurry i just say the red. the trucks flashing lights and i thought we could go around the garbage truck
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when we pulled behind you all we could smell was weed yea i was just done rolling up i was going go right before work now for the record it's not only the flashing red light which has been there for 30 years, there are also signs warning of the red flashing light you ran that red light back there i know it's a flashing red light and i really just didn't see it? i admit that i did something wrong yes everyone was ticketed, but what about the smelly weed driver you know you can't drive and smoke right? alright i wanna make sure you are well aware of that this is a citation for running a red light. what i need you to do is sign on the red box it's not an admission of guilt it's just saying you will take care of the citation in east richmond heights, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. coming up at 8:30. hillary clinton wows the crowds in ohio. what she didn't say that
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disappointed her fans. an american citizen sentenced to hard labor in a north korean prison. what he did that landed him in trouble. make sure you stay here after the news for sports night live.
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mounting pressure on the n-f-l for how the league handles domestic violence cases. now one lawmaker is calling for the commissioner to resign. plus. a new way to try and end gun violence. making guns - smarter. and a toddler and a his mom allegedly attacked by a homeless woman. it happened in one of san francisco's prime tourist destinations.
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they say it was an outrageous attack. a two -year old boy and his mother. allegedly punched in the face by a homeless woman. in one of san francisco's prime tourist kron four's maureen kelly talked with the family. which is appealing to kron 4 viewers for help. but >>
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if the to your old team get been like this in one of the most populated tore spots in the city then none of us can stay safe. the bruises and abrasions have faded.from little jack volinsky's chubby cheek.but the memory of the attack last saturday evening is still fuelling his parent's anger.more towards city hall and the justice system.than the woman who they say suckerpunched the mother and child. i hear that homeless woman scream and punched a woman in the face and her child. it happened union square.the suspect heather chain was apprhened. for the attack against the little boy and his mom. now facing two felonies.but court records show she already had an outstanding warrant for a battery charge. what judge released her to the streets. the volinski's say this isn't their first encounter with a violent homeless person and they are fed up.
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the coorindator of the city's homeless services says called the incident unacceptable. he says the union square business improvement district is funding a special homeless outreach worker for that area. and money is being rolled out for more psychiatric case workers to help target the mentally ill in need of help on the streets. the volinki's want to make sure i want to see her put away at least for a while the alleged assailant is next in court september 22nd at 9am in department 9. the volinsky's are hoping kron4 viewers will pack the courtroom to support them. we need to let the system know that this is a serious offense and in san francisco will not tolerate mothers and children
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being attacked. the mayor's spokesperson says ed lee has bee briefed on the incident and say they are taking it very seriously and plan to track this case thru the justice system. maureen kelly kron4 news. this story came to us from a viewer. if you have a story you think we should know about. head to our website.kron 4 dot com. and click on the my-kron-4 icon. submit your information there, we'd love to hear from you. mounting pressure on n-f-l commissioner roger goodell.following criticism of how the league handles domestic violence cases. now a u-s senator is calling for his resignation. senator kirsten gillibrand said she initially wanted goodell to enforce a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. but now. she thinks he should just resign. it will initially i wanted him to lead the reform of having a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence. if he doesn't do something he has to step down.
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the need to change how they address these issues. gillibrand is one of 16 senators who signed a letter sent to goodell this week. asking him to enforce the zero tolerance policy. police are still trying to track down the gunman who ambushed two state troopers outside a police barracks in pennsylvania. one trooper. corporal bryon dickson was killed in the friday night attack. another trooper. alex douglass. is hospitalized in stable but critical condition. a massive manhunt is now under way for the person or persons involved in the attack. today. officials released the 9-1-1 calls following the deadly incident. >> this attack was an ambush. our troopers were leaving the barracks and a shot without warning. they had no chance to defend themselves. hundreds of officers from
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multiple agencies. including new york and new jersey. are a non-profit group is offering a 50-thousand dollar reward for tips about the deadly assault. an american from bakersfield is crimes in north korea. a north korea court sentenced matthew todd miller to six years of hard labor today for quote: "acts hostile" to the country.including trying to spy on the country. north korea says in april. miller tore up his visa at the pyongyang airport.and admitted to having the "wild ambition" of experiencing prison life so he could investigate the human rights situation there. hillary clinton is stirring speculation about a 20-16 presidential run. clinton returned to iowa today--- for the first time since her 20-08 run for the office. she and former president bill clinton appeared at a senators "steak fry" fundraiser.where she addressed rumors. >> well it is true i am thinking about running in 2016.
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but that is not why i am here today. i am here for the stake. sunday's event drew more than 6-thousand party activists who presidential campaigns every four years. queen elizabeth the second is speaking out about this week's scottish independence vote. urging scots to "think very carefully about the future." the queen made the comment to a person in the crowd after a sunday church service near her estate in scotland. scotland has had long ties to the united kingdom. which date back more than 300 years. however. the vote is also causing concern for one of scotland's most iconic industries. scotch whisky has protected status at the moment. and can only be made in scotland. the >> when people buy our whiskey overseas gives us important economic status
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scotch whisky is scotland's second biggest export. and it brings in almost 7 billion dollars a year. malaysia airlines says social media rumors that one of its flights had a fire on board saturday are not true. the company said the flight heading to india returned to kuala lumpur because of an auto- malaysia airlines says the defect didn't have any impact on safety, but the captain chose to malaysia airlines has had two major disasters this year.combined those more than 500 passengers and crew died in those disasters. four thousand bottles of hand sanitizer. part of the government's plan to fight a nationwide pandemic. only catch is. the hand sanitizers are already about to expire. >> i am going to show you some amazing technology that will change how we watch movies. it's a truly immersive experience to have three screens instead of one.
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a federal investigation suggests the country is not prepared to handle a nation-wide pandemic. congress gave the department of homeland security 47-million- dollars in 2006 to prepare for the possibility of a national medical crisis. the money was spent on equipment. and according to that d-h-s report. much of it is now worthless. missing. or unnecessary. the audit by the office of inspector general found four- thousand bottles of expired hand sanitizer in d-h-s storage. some 81-percent of the antiviral drugs in storage are to expire by the end of next year. >> temperatures will be cooler for tomorrow.
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starting tuesday there's a chance of having wet weather. for now it is clear skies over the bay bridge area. the low clouds are coming back in after midnight. right now the conditions are very clear. we will have a mixture of sunshine in high clouds thrown out tomorrow. there will be this sort storm system offshore but it should not affect us. there'll be increased fog for tuesday and temperatures dropping a little more. yeah chance for a few showers as we go into thursday. but it will be very little rain.
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tomorrow along with the low clouds in the morning and the sunshine will give us good weather. this storm system ec here is going to weaken as it comes into california and we will only catch the very tail of this thursday morning . the cooler temperatures for the south bay. upper '70's for fremont. not as warm in land and will look at temperatures about five degrees cooler here. san francisco dropping into the upper 60s. here's a look ahead. tuesday more fog in the morning
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and temperature comes down. wednesday more fog and then increasing how high clouds. showers for thursday. cloudier and warmer as a going to next week. something out of a james bond movie. coming up, we take a look at a new way to make guns smarter and safer.
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i'm in said the senator mark theater in downtown redwood city. this was one of only five theaters in the country to test this new technology. why watch with one screen when you can watch with three. this 270 degree panoramic movie theater promises to immersed the
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audience in the film. if you are sick if you stay in one place you're bound to die in the entertainment business. you need to keep pushing the ball forward. movie theater companies have to a come out with new things to keep customers coming. we want to give it a lot of feeling real estate to attract viewers. if you're in the bay area he can try this new technology. their only five theaters in this nation double play with this technology. starting next week to have this technology.
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here's something that nearly every woman wants on her gift list! a rare blue flawless diamond worth nearly 26 million dollars was unveiled saturday at the natural history museum in los angeles. the so-called blue moon diamond was just unearthed at the beginning of the year and is on loan to the museum. it is twelve carats and sparkles from almost every angle. the gem was mined in south africa and actually started out as 29 point 6 carats of rough stone before being made into this cushion-cut shape. it's on display until january. golf veteran greg norman is recovering in a hospital this morning after an incident with a chainsaw. norman posted a photo on his instagram and twitter accounts of him in a hospital bed and said quote: "working with a chainsaw always be respectful of the unexpected." the golfer said he injured his left hand. but that he still has it and he's a lucky man. last week, he posted an images of himself trimming a tree with a chainsaw.
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there are hidden camera concerns the n-double-a-c-p says rumors are flying about male public safety employees putting cameras under a woman's desk. the ceres city attorney says proceedings are pending regarding one or more employees. but refused to say anything further. citing confidentiality. according to the city's local newspaper. the city attorney said the rumors were "half truths" adding "they don't have it right." the allegations are more than unsettling for this father of two. no matter where you work that no one should be doing that. some people are supposed to behold to a higher standard the n-double-a-c-p is most concerned about who's protecting the alleged victims. it sounds like something out of a james bond movie. but a colorado teenager says he's close to inventing a "smart gun" -- using fingerprint technology to make firearms safer. julie hayden talked with to teen to find out just how this innovation works. i'd go
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my technology blocks within a second after leading officers hand. the teen says his mark and could prevent accidental firings. many children and teens are killed in the u.s.. we could fix this. all you have to do is pick the gun up and it would unlock it.
8:49 pm
if your fingerprints are not authorized on the gun it will not fire. this team has won $50,000 to develop this technology. i'm going to get my model on a working fire card and get on a working model. previous ideas-- getting the smart technology to the point where it works every time. the teen is presenting his ideas apple announced a whole basket of new goodies this week. and while apple pay is garnering a lot of interest. some are details up next.
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ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. you may rely on that morning cup of joe for a energy boost to your day. but how much caffeine is * too* much? carl azuz has the answer in this edition of health minute. >> coffee is everywhere and so is caffeine. > > caffeine gives to increase performance >> but if you drink too much of it can give the major health problems. people can only handle what is in 4 6 oz cups of coffee.
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supplements and powdered caffeine and that energy drinks to the way too much caffeine. 1 tsp. of powdered caffeine is up to 25 c. of coffee. consuming more than 1,000 mg of caffeine can lead to some serious side effects like nausea tremors insomnia and in some rare situations death. the best way to avoid caffeine overdose is to look at the label. apple wants you to use your phone -- and even your watch -- to pay for your shopping. the tech company unveiled apple pay as part of its announcement of the i-phone 6, 6plus and apple watch. it sounds cool.but is it safe? c-n-n money and cyber security
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reporter jose pagliery takes a look. since when is your wallet getting thinner a good thing? welcome to the future, brought "it is so cool!" the new iphone 6 has something called "apple pay" - which lets you store and use your credit cards just by scanning your phone. the technology that sends your money from the phone to the it stands for near field communication. and it's basically an antenna inside your phone that delivers short, encrypted radio waves with payment data.and it's been around for a while. it's used on google wallet, but is it safe? well, it turns out that it's a lot safer than the credit cards we use today. and it's much harder to steal but one thing: your phone doesn't give up your credit card number, it actually creates a one-time used code that gets approved by the bank for every transaction. and that cvv code on the back
8:55 pm
of your credit card. that changes with every transaction too. so, even if hackers manage to hack their way into a store and grab this payment data, it's useless to them.because each plus, even if someone steals your phone, you can actually wipe all the credit cards off of it remotely. you can't do that with a wallet. if you lose the wallet, you have to call the bank with each and so, while it may be difficult for celebrities like kate upton or jennifer lawrence to put trust in apple right it turns out, apple pay and nfc are much safer ways to pay in plastic. that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. >> stay here for sports night live !
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mr. york has been crowned the new miss america. she is actually from here in the bay area. i was glued to the sat. i was more interested in the minors. the weather was a winning day today temperatures tomorrow will be close to that of today. we might have what weather thursday. that's it for news at 8!!
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the forty-niners officially kicked up a new era in football. the giants tried to beat their rival dodgers but their fallen farther back in the west. the a's to win against the mariners 51 playoff spot. team usa goes for the goal in spain. sports night live starts now. this is chronic force sports not live. jam packed edition of sports night live. 49ers.raiders.giants.a's.


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